Monday, September 08, 2008

Eight weeks and counting

I've was in Hawai'i last week, now I'm back and it's time for stretch run to the election.

I've updated the Senate race predictions page. Things are looking good. The fascinating election poll site is now predicting that Democrats will pick up an incredible seven Senate seats this year, bringing us to 58. If that happens, and if majority leader Harry Reid can hold the caucus together, he would need to scrape up only two Republicans on any given vote to break up a filibuster.

Only one other observation right now. Ron Paul will be on the ballot in Montana as the Presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, and he will also be on the ballot in Louisiana. This shouldn't affect McCain's ability to win Louisiana. In Montana however, a Paul candidacy is a killer for McCain, as Obama has been running neck and neck with him. And Montana's three electoral votes are supposed to be a gimme for the GOP.

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