Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodbye. Sorry it didn't work out.

When Ken Griffey Jr. signed with the Cincinnati Reds on February 10, 2000 Reds fans were more than just happy. We were the kind of happy that you only experience a few times in your life, the kind where even if it were pouring rain, you would just run outside and spin around in circle with your arms outstretched and just laugh and look up at the sky.

Griffey left the Reds today for the White Sox. Eight and a half seasons with the Reds, and what did he give us? This article essentially says it all regarding the huge disappointment that was Griffey's tenure with the Reds.

Honestly, it was if the man was made of glass. He'd fall down in the outfield and have to go on the disabled list. He'd slide into third base the wrong way, another season lost. And it's not as if during the times he was actually healthy enough to play, he filled opposing teams with fear. Opposing pitchers would sometimes walk other batters to get to Griffey. For this we're paying more than $10 million a year?

I don't know if there's a more difficult team to follow than the Reds. Currently, they are finishing up what will undoubtedly be their eighth losing season in a row and their thirteenth without a playoff appearance. And yet during most of those years, they spent part of the season either in or just out of first place, only to fade away.

Ken, you and Reds have a lot in common. You both played a lot of great games, and the crowds cheered. But that was a long time ago now, and those days live only in our memories.

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