Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Polling PA part II: the morning after

Thanks a lot Pennsylvania. Turns out that it was easier to kill Rasputin than it is to get rid of Hillary Clinton.

On the numbers:
Again presuming that Obama and Clinton split the delegates from the remaining primaries, their totals look like this:
Obama: 1926
Clinton: 1797
Remaining uncommitted superdelegates: 306
Total needed to win: 2024

So if Obama can get commitments from just 98 of the remaining 306 superdelgates, the race is finally over. Of course the real race has been over since February. Everything since then has simply been Clinton buying time in the hope that Obama's candidacy will suddenly become unviable and we'll have nowhere else to go. Hillary's campaign is now showing that there is no depth to which it will not sink, and even thinking about a shotgun wedding with her makes me sick. Well, no one said this would be easy. Yes we can!

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